Matt Bryant


35 years experience:

Cable/Broadcast Television Production
Systems Analysis/Project Leader
Executive Management
Business Reengineering
Project Management
WEB Design/Development
Fiscal Budgeting
Broadcast Management
Live Broadcasting Production
Technical Director
Computer Graphics
Audio Technician
1995 - Present

Bryntel Technologies

West Palm Beach, Florida / Hamilton, Ohio

Owner and Lead Principle of an internet software development operation. Responsibilities include all marketing operations, systems consulting and hardware/software analysis, with specialization in the area of data/dynamic web development.

FCN New Design

FCN New Design
1993 - 2003

Medi*Chex, Inc.

West Palm Beach, Florida/Cincinnati, Ohio

VP Operations/Co-Owner - Acting Secretary for the Board of Directors, medical software development operation. Responsibilities include all marketing operations, systems consulting and hardware/software analysis. Deeply involved in corporate strategic planning as well as serving as Team Leader on new product development/sourcing.

Product: The Geri*Chex software is a menu-driven application which integrated patient information with generic drug information under the following methodologies; A generic formulary with brand name cross-reference, Patient Profiles (DUR - Drug Utilization Reviews), Organized by Usage Category, with Attention to Concurrent Side Effects, Qualitative Interactions, and Possible Overdosing, and Detailed Patient/Ingestion Instructions (OBRA).

2000 - 2002

Retek, Inc.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Customer Care/WEB Development Project - HighTouch Technologies, Inc. was merged into Retek in May, 2000. New responsibilities included creation and implementation of customer support program for both internal and external use via the WEB. Consultant As Needed before the company was purchased by Oracle, Inc. in March of 2002.

1997 - 2000

HighTouch Technologies, Inc.

West Palm Beach, Florida

Director of Systems Development/Support Administration Product: Designed and built from the ground up as a dedicated business-to-consumer solution, providing completely integrated, enterprise-wide technology for Customer Relationship Management needs.

The product suite constructed of stand alone yet fully integrated modules that provided a 24X7 virtual sales and marketing machine encompassing sales, order processing, customer service, fulfillment, direct marketing and loyalty marketing. It also includes an additional special component for global direct sales and network marketing companies. Company merged with Retek, Inc. June, 2000

1996 - 1997

Paxson Communications Corp.

West Palm Beach, Florida

Director of Systems Development. Created software development team for a B to C Oracle based order entry system. Responsibilities included project management, staff allocation, software testing/review, and hardware procurement. The project was later sold to HighTouch Technologies, Inc.

1985 - 1996

Home Shopping Network, Inc.

St. Petersburg, Florida

Vice President of Studio Operations - Managing 117 Professionals | Approximately 3000 Staff | 4 Cost Centers

Responsibilities included; Preparation and allocation of operating/capital budgets in excess of 9 million dollars annually, corporate liaison to MIS services, with project leader responsibilities on most projects involving the transactional business, technical consultant (Production), staff allocation, supervision of new employee training programs, and the development of all production projects relating to the broadcast and retail format.

Audio July 1986
Chyron August 1986
Technical Director October 1986
Associate Director March 1988
Trainer June 1988
Master Control Manager January 1989
Master Control Director March 1989
Director of Studio Operations July 1989
Vice President of Studio Operations July 1991

1980 - 1985

Tele-Communications Incorporated of Southern Ohio (TCI)

Hamilton, Ohio

Miami Valley Cable, Hamilton, Ohio LO Supervisor/System Services Coordinator