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The genesis of this company started several decades ago. It was utilized as a place holder for the various development projects that needed somewhere to reside that was accessible to all the stake holders involved.

At first it was just an FTP location. As the web developed, applications were web enabled via Citrix and Oracle Developer Tools, and Microsoft Front Page/FoxPro.

It then morphed in to a web application platform where data driven (dynamic) applications were developed for in-house support functions. As the web grew and became more specialized, the support functions we used to develop became antiquated, and off-the-shelf solutions became more economical and efficient to implement than custom solutions.

Most if not all large projects are now hosted and programmiticly controlled in-house. The shared enviorment of large SQL databases that shared applications used to be built on, became too slow and unmanageable due to lack of individual control due to the traffic of numerous companies sharing the resources of a single shared or partitioned implementation. Aslo, there was a significant difference in performance of software on different hardware platforms which increased the hardship on small to medium size companies.

The dynamic has changed again with the advent of several fairly robust do-it-yourself type applications. But what most hosting companies that offer these services don't tell you, is when you reach a threshold of pages and/or a finite amount of records your performance degrades drastically. These applications run on a database and the user builds the content buy choosing canned options which are then parsed on the web server from the database and served to the audience. The same problem of a shared enviornment manifests itself in a different scenario. These applications while robust, are very code intensive with high resource usage on the newest individual MySQL database. While this is a very good product, there are limitations. Without building the actual page, just utilizing the raw data, such as parsing the data in a shopping cart, MySQL databases are quite efficient and reliable. While it is not our intent to degrade these do-it-youself packages, it is important to understand your situation and available options. These packages have made it possible for many to have a web presence which would otherwise be impossible.

At Bryntel Technologies, we create websites based on templates (html 5.0), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and the latest development software. This solves most erronious and frustrating slowdowns in shared environments. It also allows for shared environments to be completely backed up on a clients computer and make search engine optimization (SEO) more user centric.



Web pages today are becoming increasingly dynamic and complex in an ever-changing world of technology and design. The only limitations are that of imagination and budget.



The need for a presence that works well in whatever venue (mobile, desktop, or tablet), is essential for reaching your audience with the appropriate message. We can help...



Development time must be both rapid and affordable to compete in today's market. We strive to use the latest software and techniques to satisfy the needs of our clients. Creating a web presence should not be cost prohibitive and expectations should be explained and managed in realtime with no surprises.


Legacy Website Problems

Not yet ready to upgrade, we can add additional functionality or fix broken sites.


CSS Correction/Change

If you want to just freshen the site or change prominent display parameters.


In-Line Style Correction

The old way of programming before CSS, in-line style commands were utilized.

Website Consistency

Font color, size, and style in conjunction with the tasteful use of imagery creates a good impression. This displays your attention to detail which will inspire confidence. It's subtle, but if elements don't match the end-user will know.

Template Utilization

Templates provide the framework on which you base your concept. It eleviates most of the complex coding and creates consistency across all pages in combination with detailed documentation. It makes a quality web presence much cheaper to develop.



Most high quality templates are significantly inexpensive, comparing the cost to coding the same effect from scratch. These cost reductions, in concert with advance preparation of materials by the client and rapid installation by the developer, have leveled the playing field with the private in-house Web IT departments of most large companies.



Preparation, installation and deployment time is significantly reduced based on the clients level of participation.



The costs associated with a quality website is reduced to hundreds rather than thousands of dollars based soley on the client furnishing good quality materials including images and textual subject matter.


Mobile Scaling

Most all templates now have a viewport function built in that reads the browser making the query and configuring the site to the device being used. This is a large improvement in technology considering the complexity that used to be involved scaling for smaller devices. Rather than being device specific, as in the past, standards have made browsing consistant across all devices.


Mobile Browsers

Most all Android & Apple mobile devices have all the fuctionality of their desktop counterparts.


Desktop/Mobile Implementation

Desktop and Mobile are now the same materials that only need to be installed once. Both systems although significantly different operate from the same root information and the interpretation is done automatically within the framework of the design.

Mobile Compatibility

Depending on your business, between 50% to 80% of your traffic will view your web presence on a mobile device.